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Design Trends

As always, when a new year rolls around, new trends take hold and we see them pop up everywhere. Some interior design trends last for some time: the gray trend, the neutral trend, the natural element trend, the Scandinavian design trend, etc. However, some trends are more fleeting, but deliver maximum impact for the duration of their life.
Today, let’s talk about the trends that have cropped up everywhere for 2018, whether they stick around for while or not is yet to be seen!
Photo: Pottery Barn Fiddle Leaf Tree
One trend that has been literally everywhere in my social feed, is greenery. Greenery is really making a big impact this year in interiors everywhere. Designers, decorators and anyone with a bent for home d├ęcor is looking to plants* and green stems* to bring a more natural element to interior style and bring some of the outdoors, indoor. I’m sure you’ve seen fiddle leaf fig trees* all over your Instagram and Pinterest feeds – particularly these fiddle leaf trees planted in natur…

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